A clear mind

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healthy body.

We are qualified

  • An experienced service provider in the worldwide medical network.
  •  Authorised wholesaler for national and international trade in medicinal products for human use, including blood products, immunological and cold chain medicines.


  • National and international trade in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical technology and health products

  • Distribution and marketing

  • Consulting and commercial agency

  • Production and sale of dietary supplements for lactation, gastrointestinal health and weight loss

EU and Central Asia

  • Comprehensive market knowledge

  • Contacts with key players in all regions of the world

  • Knowledge of regulatory and other legal framework conditions in Germany, the European Union and the EEA and the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

  • Our partners

About us

  • Founded in Germany in 2011, Roja Pharmazie focuses on supplying pharmaceutical products to hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers throughout Germany, the EU and other countries worldwide.
  • Our customers include European and non-European wholesalers, pharmacies, public and private hospitals, health authorities, health ministries and NGOs.
  • We focus on oncological medicines, antibiotics and dietary supplements, but our range goes far beyond that.
  • We supply a comprehensive range of products: original, generic and branded pharmaceuticals, APIs, intermediate products and finished medicines, surgical products and medical devices. 
  • We offer high-quality dietary supplements developed either by our experts or according to customer specifications and manufactured in Germany. Our range includes products for breastfeeding mothers and for weight management and is being expanded step by step.

  • We can also supply organic-quality food supplements in accordance with regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.An important concern is the exchange of new technologies in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of making technological progress available to everyone.

  • We take over distribution for various products on different markets.
  • We support our customers with regulatory and legal tasks, be they registrations for imported products or registrations/approvals in export markets.
  • We set ourselves no limits within our markets and are successively adding new and innovative drugs, medical devices and medical technologies to our range.
  • We look forward to working with manufacturers who want to open up new markets with us.

Our Services

Parallel trade

Parallel trade refers to the resale of goods between countries without the permission of the owner. It is a reaction to international price discrimination, whereby the same product is sold at different prices in different countries.
We take advantage of this flexibility of WTO rules by helping our clients, especially in the case of drug shortages.

Regulatory support

We advise and support our business partners in all regulatory issues, right through to marketing approval.

For questions that we cannot solve ourselves, we make external experts available to you.

Supply-Chain-Optimisation (SCO)

Our Strategic Supply Chain Management creates a unique supply chain configuration that drives your strategic goals. Our task is to optimize this process for our customers.

Pharma Brand Management

Brand management in the pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges. We support our customers in managing the new brands, from approval to marketing.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is a key process in the pharmaceutical industry. Using our experience and skills, we offer technology transfer from idea selection to production-scale-up.

API and generic sourcing

The drug is the starting point for pharmaceutical product development. Our services, including the procurement of raw materials and intermediate products, meet GMP requirements.


Roja Pharmazie GmbH
Siemensstr. 40-41
D-12247 Berlin, Germany

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